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Our Food Cart can be found at many Events throughout the Princeton, BC & surrounding area, usually from June to October.

We serve a Cupcake Bar and a Waffle Bar where you can mix & match whatever you fancy!  We usually have 4-6 choices of cupcake, 4-6 choices of frostings, and loads of toppings for your cupcakes.  Our waffles are designed as delicious ideas come up -- and can also be made to be a mix and match combination.  Of course, our strawberry & cream one is the most popular, but doesn't mean our new creation of "banana split" this season, won't be a big hit as well!  We offer a savoury cheese waffle as well, with an option to add some spicybanana peppers.  Check out our MENU page for creations currently available.

COOKIES --- When attending events, we always have at least 2-3 types of scrumptious cookies freshly baked and waiting to be eaten!  

SPECIALTY CUPZ ---- A special treat could be cream filled waffle cones, or some extra

special designed cupcakes, so keep checking in for our creative treats at each event!

Beverages we offer are -- the bestest coffee - ground and brewed in our food cart, a

wonderful Summerland roasted coffee, a variety of teas, and we have cold water on hand.