.....easiest way to bake is to share --- started baking many years ago and the love of sharing delicious treats has brought me to setting up my own "Food Cart" which we operate, mostly in the summer months while taking baked goods orders throughout the year.  We attend as many Princeton, BC events as we can and we also go to surrounding areas to have fun sharing treats with locals in other towns.

We do custom orders as well - and have a variety of goods which we offer throughout the year.....our delicious cupcakes, macarons, cookies specialty items, and fun cakes.  If you have something in mind, please let's chat.

We have set up "cupcake" & "waffle bars" for events and they are always a big hit - everyone gets to create their own "yummy treats"!

​Small Events are fun and we love to help you theme them to make it a special day!!

​​We look forward to sharing our creations with you and would appreciate any feedback, thank you!


Every cupcake is special.

Love to Bake ......